1000W LED Grow Light


Input voitage 100-277vAC.
Full spectrum 380-780nm light output covers all growth stages of plants.Spectra specially configured for medicinal hemp plants.
The power exceeds 3.0umol/J.
Effective irradiation 4*6FT area.
The dimming function ranges from 0% to 100%.
The light on the dimming knob 0%/25%/50%/75%/100% four-step dimming.
it also has a series connection RJ14 port design, which can control the dimming timing of an external controller group, and the intelligent controller can control 0-100% dimming timing of up to 200 lamps at the same time.
it can be connected to the equipment maintenance management system through RJ14, and is compatible with the equipment maintenance management system.
Easy to install and disassemble, foldable design, directly open and open the power supply to light up and use.
IP65 waterproof design, moisture-proof and long service life.


Our 1000W led plant growing light is with high efficient SMD3030 chips, only consumes 1000w with 3520 leds, achieving higher average PPFD with 1920muol/㎡/s at 6x6ft core coverage. The 1000w led bar grow light can help you achieve maximum quality and quantity. Wide Input Voltage 100-277V, can meet most input voltage.

Input Power 1000W Light Bar 10
PPF 2160umol/s Efficacy 3.0umol/J
Input Voltage 100-277vAC Power Factor 0.98
Leds 3520pcs 3030 Dimming 0-10V/PWM/Timer Dimming
Spectrum Full Spectrum


Mounting Heigh >6″(15CM)above canopy
Operating Temperature 4F—+104°F/ -20℃-+40C Fixture Dimension 1800×1100 x34mm
Fixture Weight 20.38kg/44.9lb Lifetime 50000h
Warranty 2 Years Structure 3-Folded


Product dimensions: 1800 x 1100 x 34 mm / 70.8 x 43.3 x 1.34 inches with a length of 150 mm / 5.85 inches between the light bars. IP65 waterproof design, moisture-proof and long service life.

It consists of full spectrum Warm White 3000K, Cool White 5000K, Red 660nm, UV 420nm and IR 730nm, is infinitely close to natural sun light, perfect for seeding to flowering, applied to the whole stages of indoor growing plant.

Growing lamp 1000w comes with flexible dimmable function, 0-100% available, convenient to adjust the brightness according to the plants at different growing stages.

The body of the plant light is made of high-quality aluminum material, with hollow folding design, easy to install and dismantle, can better achieve heat dissipation, to ensure a longer service life.

Fits 4×6 indoor grow tents or 4-foot wide or 6-foot wide commercial grow racks and is ideal for 4×6-foot rolling benches.

The daisy-chain function allows you to connect more than 100 lights with the RJ45 port at the same time. This function is very convenient for large area indoor growing and commercial planting. You can adjust the first light to control the rest lights.

1000 Watt LED grow light for greenhouses, grow tents, stands, vertical grows etc. Suitable for all stages of plant seedling starting, flowering and fruiting.


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